22 October 2011

Living Childfree

Another interesting essay in the New York Times Motherlode section, this one on life after choosing to stop infertility treatments. "Every woman facing infertility has to decide when she’s had enough, when she has reached her ethical, emotional, and/or financial edge."

I am very happy with my decision to continue fertility treatments through three round of IVF and genetic testing, but I can totally see how liberating it could be to make the decision to stop.

The article also explores the minefield entered by asking "why don't you just adopt." I was impressed by the author's bravery in articulating, among other things, her ambivalence toward parenthood in the wake of failed infertility treatments.

The image at right is a still from the movie Julie and Julia. It is not from the moment described in the introduction to the essay, in which Julia feels the pain of infertility, but from another, happier moment in her marriage.


  1. I loved Julie and Julia. I felt for her when her sister became pregnant. Sometimes it seems as though for others getting pregnant is as easy as a walk in the park while others, like me, have such difficulty in conceiving a child the "old-fashioned" way.

  2. I hope you are okay with this, I gave you a blog award.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca! Where can I read about it?